About Us

MondayOne specializes in identifying commercial real estate opportunities in the healthcare sector that have the potential to generate a long-term return for investors. The Company purchases and develops properties which it repositions and leases out to healthcare tenants before their eventual sales. Currently, the company operates multiple commercial properties, all of which are leased and generate rental Income. MondayOne develops and purchases commercial healthcare properties to create long-term valuable assets. Our team of managers, analysts, agents, and principals monitor the market for investment opportunities and then quickly and expertly assesses each property’s current and full potential.


Kenny Dewan: Kenny Dewan is an experienced real estate developer and an accomplished entrepreneur with over 28 years of business experience. In the last 16 years, he has acquired, planned, and developed properties including multi-tenant, retail, and healthcare commercial real estate. At MondayOne, his skills and experience have been the catalysts for assembling an expert real estate investment team. He graduated with a double MBA in Marketing and International Business from WCU in California and earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from MUM in Iowa. Mr. Dewan founded and served as president of ASM, a manufacturer of speakers for Infinity Systems and JBL; Founder of Dewan Aura Sound, a company that employed over 350 and manufactured transducers and speakers, for Alpine, Philips, Dae-Woo & AURA Sound.

Sandy Chhabra: Sandy has been with MondayOne for 16 years. He is responsible for entitlement and development of all our real estate commercial projects. His real estate experience of 16 years is in real estate development, entitlement, and construction. He is directly responsible for completing projects on schedule and in budget. Prior to being with MondayOne, Sandy was the director of Operations for DAC Precision, an Aerospace manufacturing company that built parts for Western Filter, ITT, and McDonnell Douglas. Sandy has an Electrical Engineering Degree from Bangalore University.

Inder Sahdev: Inder is directly responsible for onsite construction management. He has a master’s degree in construction management from California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) and a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. Inder has direct experience in planning, development, and managing commercial real estate projects.

Catherine Pare: Catherine has been with MondayOne for the last 11 years. She is the Controller and is responsible for finance and accounting. She applies her experience and professional knowledge in financial reporting, investment banking, and taxation. She has a bachelor’s degree in accounting with 15 years of experience in accounting and financial reporting. She is responsible for managing the business team and day-to-day contact with clients and vendors.