About Us

The MondayOne Income Fund is a $10 million diversified equity fund that offers investors fixed rate, flexed term bonds backed by a diversified portfolio or real estate investments. Our bonds include:

  • Fixed 10% return on investment
  • 24-month period hold
  • 2 Options: Interest paid per month + Principal on maturity OR Interest + Principal on maturity
  • Minimum investment of $100,000

Participation in the fund is restricted to accredited investors, pension funds, and Self-directed IRAs.

The MondayOne Income Fund is designed to generate an ongoing income stream for pension funds and high net worth individuals (as part of Directed IRAs, and 401(k) accounts). The fund offers a handsome 10% return on investment.

MondayOne develops commercial real estate for the healthcare industry. Our team of analysts, agents, and principals monitor the market for investment opportunities and then quickly and expertly assess each property’s current and full potential.

Kenny Dewan, Founder and CEO

The founder of MondayOne, Kenny Dewan is an experienced real estate developer and an accomplished entrepreneur with over 28 years of business experience. In the last 17 years, he has e has acquired, planned and developed properties including multitenant, hospitality and retail projects. At MondayOne his skills and experience have been the catalysts for assembling our expert real estate investment team. He graduated with a double MBA in Marketing and International Business from WCU in California and earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from MUM in Iowa.
10.0% Fixed Bond.
Mr. Dewan has served as President of ASM, a manufacturer of speakers for Infinity Systems and JBL; President of Monday Group, a franchisee and operator of franchised restaurant concepts; Founder of Dewan Aura Sound, a company which employed over 350 and manufactured transducers and speakers, for Alpine, Philips, Dae-woo & AURA Sound.
Sandy Chabra is an Operations Manager on MondayOne. He has vast experience in overseeing the sale and purchase of properties for businesses and private companies. Sandy has ample knowledge in zoning laws and regulations, property values, real estate trends and another essential factor in determining a property’s worth of investment and superior skills in drawing up real estate contracts and negotiating properties. He is known for his excellent communication and negotiation skills and prides himself on his ability to problem solve and analyze assets.

Sandy Chhabra: Sandy Chhabra is responsible for the Entitlement and Development of our ground-up projects. He has Fifteen years of appraising with Real estate development and has been responsible for completing our projects on schedule and in the budget. Before being with MondayOne, Sandy was the director of Operations for DAC Precision, an Aerospace manufacturing factory which manufactured parts for Western Filter, ITT, and McDonnell Douglas. Sandy has an Electrical Engineering Degree from Bangalore University.

Inderpal Sahdev: Inder Sahdev has a passion for construction and serving humanity. He received his Master’s Degree in Construction management from Cal State Long Beach and Bachelors in Civil Engineering. Sahdev has more than two years of experience in planning, developing, technical review and management of commercial and residential projects. Sachdev holds a firm belief that meticulous team leadership can produce prolific outcomes.

Catherine Pare: Catherine is our Controller and is responsible for applying her professional knowledge and skills in the preparation and presentation of financial and other decision oriented information. With a Bachelor’s degree in accounting, she has 13 years of experience in accounting and financial reporting areas. She is responsible for managing the business team and day-to-day contact with clients and vendors.