MondayOne is a commercial real estate Development company that acquires, develops and repositions commercial healthcare real estate.

MondayOne, LLC is a commercial real estate investment firm that acquires, develops, and repositions commercial healthcare properties for lease and eventual sale. The company specializes in identifying commercial real estate opportunities in the healthcare sector that have the potential to generate a long-term return for investors. MondayOne has been investing in the California real estate market for over a decade and provide local expertise and management to each of its developments.

MondayOne’s development and acquisition strategy is to target existing and ground-up development opportunities in the healthcare real estate market. Our team of managers, analysts, agents, and principals monitor the market for investment opportunities and then quickly and expertly assess each property’s current and full potential.

MondayOne invests in:

New developments – The LLC develops new commercial projects that can produce attractive long-term rental income specifically in commercial.

Distressed properties – The LLC purchases partial or whole interest in commercial healthcare assets, then adds value and repositions the properties.

In addition, the company focuses on top tier tenants to assure lease payments are paid on time throughout the term of the lease. The company derives its revenue from these tenants, with Akua Behavioral Health as its current anchor tenant. What makes MondayOne unique is the fact that the company establishes agreements with tenants like Akua before the property is acquired. All tenants sign 10-year NNN leases. Under such agreements, the tenant is required to pay the real estate taxes, building insurance, and maintenance.